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The Magical North Coast of Spain

31 Jan

Earlier this month, we took a detour north and east from Porto (Portugal) where we were spending some time on our sailboat to see the northern coast of Spain – the region we swore up and down would be one of the first trips we would take in our European adventures.  Since we’re just getting to the area eighteen months or so in, we did not quite meet that goal!

But…we should have – we were in awe.  Had we done this earlier, it’s quite likely that we would have done a few more trips to explore more.  The area reminds us a lot of the Pacific Northwest of the US, where we both are originally from – it’s simply beautiful.  The pictures don’t give it justice, either!

The two areas we “toured” (if you can call a drive through with as many stops as we could fit into the day) were the Spanish provinces of Galicia and Asturias – in the summer months, there are many outdoor activities (think kayaking, canoeing, hiking and the like).  It would be an incredible area to bike-tour, although important to stay off of the main drags with traffic.

Enjoy the scenery through the pictures we took!  Note – the raised tomb-like structures are called “hórreos” and are actually granaries that were erected to protect grain stores from rodents.  There may be a historical preservation requirement that bans their removal these days, as they were incredibly common.  Interestingly, the hórreos in Galicia were more like tombs, while those in Asturias were more square.  Before we knew what they were, though, we were brainstorming hard and fast to come up with crazy stories on what the heck they were (and stopping every 2 minutes for another picture)!


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