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Greetings from Texas…and a shout out for a friend

6 Sep

Just a quick post – Justin and I are back in Austin…it’s only been several months since our move back, so I might be a little behind on this!  Life is good, things are busy, but I just haven’t been thinking about writing at the moment…

What I did want to do is to give a shout out to a friend who has embarked on a crowd-funding campaign to bring a new kitchen grater (this one will do oh-so-much more than just grate cheese).  The fundraising is through Indiegogo – if she doesn’t raise the $40k she hopes for, all money is returned to contributors.  If she does, then you can be happy being part of an entrepreneurial endeavor and go home with one of her thank you gifts (I donated $100 and can’t wait for my new grater!).  If you are a foodie, entrepreneurial investor, or parent interested in preparing your own baby food, take a look:

More soon…


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